Lifelong Learning Cycle

Posted on: July 6th, 2021

Lifelong Learning Cycle or the Circle of Work Life!

I was recently reminded by a former colleague why I resigned as a trainee HR Consultant. I felt that I was inadequately equipped for the job without corporate experience. As a fresh graduate, I wanted more and not merely to learn from second-hand experience. Indeed, I did with the opportunities to take on multiple roles from hr consultancy to sales to marketing to external relations to project management to supply chain management to general management to distributor management.

It has been an amazing 30+ year work journey and I have had the privilege to work with domain experts of different nationalities & backgrounds armed with a wealth of knowledge & experience. Now, as part of a Productivity Solutions-Job Redesign Project Team, I am back at HR Management Consultancy.

The COVD-19 pandemic and digital transformation have resulted in the reinvention of the HR role and many more. New opportunities and jobs have been created. To stay relevant and future forward we need to continuously travel the Lifelong Learning Cycle. No one can remain a domain expert without constant up-skilling and multi-skilling. For new job seekers, it is not merely giving it a shot, but you need to show conviction to succeed. Remember to always put your best foot out! Who knows, what adventures and opportunities you will encounter.

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Women’s Empowerment

Posted on: July 6th, 2021

Lest we forget! It has been a mere 60 years that the Singapore Women ’s Charter was passed. This legislative act aims at protecting and advancing the rights of women and girls in our country.

Besides the law, I am grateful for my grandmother and mother to be among the pioneer Nonya women who ventured beyond the kitchen & the sewing room and seized the opportunity to get a formal education. My mother even secured jobs in multi-national companies, a result of an “I dare you” challenge issued by her father. She worked for 26 years and helped my dad to support us.

Today as a Straits-born Chinese or Peranakan woman, I have the freedom of choice and opportunity to do what I want – not forgetting my husband and sparring partner who has given me the liberty to have a long & eventful
career as well as a loving family.

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Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Posted on: May 10th, 2021

Singapore topped the OECD PISA Survey in 2015 , which evaluates the quality and efficiency of school systems. Since 2017, greater focus is placed on the ECCE sector to ensure every child has access to inclusive & quality pre-school education.

It has been 4 years since I have embarked on Project Joy to help strengthen the leadership & HR capabilities of many of pre-school operators . Big thanks to the strong testimonial of Rachel Goh-Ding, MD, Red SchoolHouse. My sincere appreciation to ECCE centre leaders under my charge for taking the first steps to a meaningful journey to synergise talents & organisational strengths.

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Job Redesign

Posted on: March 10th, 2021

Singapore announced a three month-trial of on-demand autonomous bus services at two locations beginning Monday ( Jan 25 ) as part of Singapore’s efforts to make such vehicles commercially viable.

It is evident that autonomous robots are making their way into the manufacturing, service , security, logistics industries to increase productivity and efficiency. It is viewed as an alternative solution to ease labour supply issues.

Are robots going to take over jobs? With the advancement of innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Machine Learning (ML) and robotics, is the question a valid one?

We are in the midst of Industrial 4.0 where the utilisation of computers and automation is further enhanced with smart and autonomous systems.

Job Redesign is a useful tool to shape the changing roles in work of the future. It can help organisations to thrive on more effectively. In addition, it helps our aging workforce to remain gainfully employed and continue to contribute to the economy. Machines can be used to minimise strenuous tasks and AI can take on the repetitive and mundane tasks.

I am delighted with my appointment as a pre-approved Job Redesign Consultant as part of the authority’s productivity solutions. Looking forward to work with SMEs in the new year! Happy Lunar Lunar to one and all.

Putting on my author’s cap, here is my work-in-progress…

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Salute to International Women’s Day! – Touching Lives

Posted on: March 10th, 2021

It has been 17 years since I was first recruited by MCYS or now MCCY ( Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth )as Deputy Registrar of Marriage (volunteer). I believe that I have been serving as a “Family Life Ambassador “ setting an example of one with a work life balance, then juggling between a demanding job as a Senior Manager in an US multinational company and roles of wife and mother of 2.

It is a delightful community service where every occasion is a happy one. Many of my couples were perfect strangers and we met on the ROM website. But there seems to be a special bond as we connect.

In January 2021, I received news from Germany that one of my grooms in his early 40s, has succumbed to cancer. The bride sent me a message as she was feeling sad & lonely. I hope my replies comforted her. I seem to connect well with German nationalities, perhaps it is my Wella heritage. In February 2021, I was solemnizer for another German groom and a Singapore bride. They are back in Germany and have invited my husband & I to visit them if the opportunity arises.

What started as a social obligation has become more meaningful than I first thought. Indeed, “Love is a many splendid thing!”

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More to learn & play…

Posted on: December 8th, 2020

Thanks for the support & reviews of Katy’s SCIENCE ADVENTURES Book 1 .

Katy’s SCIENCE ADVENTURES Book 2 is now available on and Amazon Prime.

It’s fun! fun! fun! Do you want to learn more about science together with your kids or grandkids? Come walk the talk!

Collaborating with Singapore Brands in creating the First Moment Of Truth (FMOT)

Posted on: December 8th, 2020

Katy’s SCIENCE ADVENTURES Book 1 is now available in-store and on-line at:
*Le Petit Society
Paragon #05-35
Downtown Gallery #01-06

*Sea Apple Pte. Ltd.
United Square #01-68
*Nurture Craft@Forum the Shopping Mall


Official launch is on 29th Nov 2020 (12pm to 5pm) @ Crane, Singapore.
Join us through an omni-channel customer journey created by Singapore Brands !

The moment of Truth

Posted on: October 23rd, 2020

#kids adventures

Katy’s SCIENCE ADVENTURES: Book 1 is available on

Here is my debut as an author. Many thanks to my family, friends and illustrators who have helped to make this happened.
To a new beginning as we look forward to readers’ reviews and suggestions for more adventures and fun-filled times ahead. Quoting the famous English poet, Robert Browning, “The best is yet to be.”

Reinventing Yourself!

Posted on: October 23rd, 2020

#Innovation #self-publishing #learning #education #covid19 #technology #science #change #creativity #entrepreneurship

The COVID 19 pandemic has indeed changed lives. But the fundamentals of capability building remains as the key action step to stay relevant and embrace change. From my passion for Science and work, I am expanding into writing kids education books focusing on learn & play and more importantly building bonds across generations.

It is a steep learning curve to navigate self publishing a book. Today with technology as an enabler, the world is at your feet. Research is simplified on-line and YouTube has provided valuable insights and tips. There are many platforms to help search for talents such as editors and illustrators.

I have lots of fun working with kids from my family and neighborhood. They do say the coolest things and I am learning so much from them.

I remain true to my core focus of internationalization and the kids have energized me to take on the world!
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Posted on: April 6th, 2020

I was first introduced to the work-from-home programme some 15 years ago at P&G. I must admit it took a lot of getting used to & great discipline to overcome the many distractions at home.

More & more workers and entrepreneurs practise work-from-home due to their need to travel or purely for cost effectiveness. Today, with the COVID 19 outbreak, work-from-home has become the new normal.

Making the best of these times: Opportunities:

  1. Create a more structured working style by developing a daily action plan in accordance to Priority. Tick off your checklist.
  2. Strengthen SMEs infrastructure & build capability.
  3. Build team bonding & mutual encouragement.


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