Nurture Culture, Build Bonds & Eat On

Nurture Culture, Build Bonds & Eat On

As simple as connecting through foods, the Secur Solutions Group’s (SSG) HR department initiated “Try each other’s cuisine” sessions afterTownHall Meetings as office treats and effectively nurtured culture in a very diversified group of employees with mixed heritage, broad age band stretching from Millennials to those in their 60s, education and interests. Burmese Food ( or food from Myanmar), Bangladeshi Food, Filipino Food etc took on a new meaning and employees appear to appreciate and respect each other more. It is clear Food Connects.

It is a treat for me to witness the company’s transformation from an established institution in Data Protection & Engagement evolved into a modern day operation moving in tandem, displaying camaraderie and motivated by a highly driven leader.

Not long ago prior to SSG embarking on the Business Excellence Certification Project, it was obviously glaring how people work in silos and appear to be non committal each doing their own thing. But a small step in the right direction has made SSG take a quantum leap!


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