Posted on: March 26th, 2018

As I am more and more involved in digital transformation projects,I am so encouraged by Customer Relationships Guru’s, Don Peppers’ highlight on Trust as a strong point of difference (POD) providing the competitive advantage. In my career track, I pride myself to have served 2 generations of customers and the attributes of trust & reliability provided the smooth transition from one generation to another. However, it is important to stay relevant with the times through continuous learning and at the same time offer value as a “knowledge worker”.

Trust translates to competency, quality and good intentions to do the best for the customer. I can’t help but notice the apprehension and hesitation of clients to share their business plans at preliminary business meetings. This is perfectly understandable as we need to earn “Trust. Hence, we should not take “Trust” for granted and as the customer business relationship grows deeper it is even more important to build the “Extreme Trust” that Don Peppers has called out as the one that is proactive.

In this disruptive environment where technology advancements are faster than ever before, we need to take heed of including the human element through building trust with both our internal customers (ie our employees) and external customers to grow their loyalty.

Learn More on Trust Relationships with Don Peppers on YouTube.

Renown author Charles H Green shares that in a business relationship, trust is the most important determinant of success . Nuclei Brand Marketing Solutions strongly encourage its clients in building trust through the pursuit of Business Excellence.

Technology company Secur Solutions Group BE Certification has clearly demonstrated this in its recent acquisition of prized customers, a real feather in its cap.

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