Posted on: January 4th, 2018

My girlfriend & I always enjoy a soy latte after lunch. On one occasion we were served off-spec soy latte with blobs of over boiled soy milk. Yet more than one service staff insisted that the two cups were ok. Totally dissatisfied with such a nonchalant attitude, I approached the counter & cried, “Where is the QC?” Only then did the barista take away the two off-spec cups & replaced them with acceptable ones. What was planned as a chill-out coffee session became a quick drink & go moment.

The question of “who owns the Customer Experience? ” cropped up? After much debate, it was aligned that it is that of the Business Owner. But the corporate culture & pride in one’s work are key influencers! How do we cascade the right attitude & desired behaviour to ensure the ultimate omni-channel experience? A barista at another cafe chain shared some light. She presented perfect cups of soy latte with detailed 3 tier leaf design keeping the soy milk respectably hot consistently!

She told us it is their company culture that all baristas cannot present coffee without a pattern on it. She knew that over boiled soy milk would end up as blobs. A toast to many more great cups!

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